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When customers enter one of John Savignano’s offices in Long Island City, they are greeted by the receptionist and offered a cup of espresso as soon as they step through the door.

“I’m all about the espresso,” he declared. The seemingly insignificant action is a manifestation of his “people first” approach to business, as well as his general philosophy of how one should live one’s life.

Nobody communicates with one another in the modern world since there is so much technology and so many other things to do. However, in spite of the fact that we are somewhat traditional and sentimental, we make an effort to maintain a human touch throughout the process. We’re all people,” added Savignano.

According to Savignano, the success of his eponymous business may be attributed to preserving what he calls the “human factor” in the field of accounting, in addition to preserving relationships with clients. Westchester County is the birthplace of Savignano Accountants and Advisors, a full-service CPA firm that provides accounting, bookkeeping, tax, and advice services to businesses and individuals. Savignano Accountants and Advisors was established in 1984. But not long after that, a project for a client brought the company to Astoria.

“I didn’t stay in Astoria for very long because the company eventually became too huge, and then they merged with a larger company,” she said. After that, I left that company because I felt that we had lost the human element, as he put it. He describes what he means by the “human aspect” as “little gestures of love, sympathy, and generosity,” which are things that customers would not get from other companies.

Savignano “regrouped” in Long Island City little under seven years ago, initially moving his business to an office on Vernon Boulevard and then relocating it to a second location on Crescent Street. Savignano stated that due to the manner in which they conduct business, the company has seen revenue increase by “20 to 25 percent a year” since it was established in the rapidly developing neighborhood.

Laughing, Savignano explained that the work that is done in this office “is not rocket science.” “However, we make it a priority to foster an atmosphere in which individuals feel valued. Where they receive the feeling that they are being treated like a VIP and are receiving the appropriate service in a timely manner without being taken advantage of. Learn more information about John Savignano