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Wes Edens is the founder of Fortress Investment Group and the board chairman. He started his business in 1998 and earned over $3 billion net worth by early 2011. His company has managed to grow its assets to over $43 billion. Wes Edens was born in 1958 and graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in accounting.” He has served on several boards, including the National Basketball Association, and kept his interest in basketball after he bought the Milwaukee Bucks. Wes Edens was one of the individuals who helped to purchase the team for $550 million.

Wes Edens is married to Lynn Edens, who is known as a business partner of her husband and fellow investor. She serves as Director of Investment Banking at Fortress and has a background in accounting, which she studied at Brandeis University. Lynn is attributed with helping attract more investors to Fortress, building Fortress’ reputation as an investment group worth considering.” Wes Edens’ company has helped him increase his net worth significantly throughout his career as a successful businessman.

His Achievements:

In 2008, Edens was appointed to the Board of Directors for Black Entertainment Television (BET). He held the position until 2014 and is a current member of the Board of Directors for the NBA Advisory and Finance Committee. As a successful entrepreneur, Wes Edens continues to make his mark on society by making valuable contributions to business through various companies, including Fortress Investments Group Inc., New Fortress Energy, LLC., and FlyQuest LLC. Wes Edens has kept his net worth at $3 billion because of his contributions to Wall Street as an experienced businessman who has excelled in many fields.

Overall, Wes Edens has had a successful career as an entrepreneur in the business world. He is one of the individuals who helped to purchase the NBA team, Milwaukee Bucks, for $550 million. Wes Edens also serves as an active member on several boards, including the NBA Advisory and Finance Committee and Black Entertainment Television (BET). As a successful businessman and investor, Edens has been able to keep his net worth at $3 billion.

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