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Programming Insider’s article entitled “From Cryptocurrency to Experiential Shopping: How droppTV CEO Gurps Rai Has Built a Career Based on Innovation”, talks about how the revolutionary of cryptocurrency, changed the world streaming and shopping media platform forever.

Gurps Rai has become a leader in the finance world through his innovations with cryptocurrency, dedication to carbon emission reduction, and digital innovations such as droppTV. Rai grew up in a poor family that had little access to financial opportunities, but when he grew up he was able to find a job in finance.

Gurps Rai Net Worth worked his way up to become a specialist broker in London dealing with international trade. Eventually through his work he learned about the Carbon Market. The Carbon Market is a worldwide market where companies who cannot afford to drastically lower their greenhouse gas emissions can pay for other companies who can more easily decrease their greenhouse gas emissions to do so. This is usually done through the sale of carbon credits.

Before Gurps Rai became involved the carbon market was only using a small percentage of cryptocurrency to make it sales. Cryptocurrency is digital currency stored online instead of in physical money. However, through Rai’s initiative cryptocurrency became a huge part of the currency used in carbon credit transactions.

While working for the London Carbon Market he used a large sum of a type of cryptocurrency, Ven, to make a major purchase of carbon credits from Nike. This boosted both the use of Ven worldwide and the sale of carbon credits. Because of this and other work he did with greenhouse gas reduction, Rai was invited to participate in the United Nations’ COP 17 international summit.

Since then Gurps Rai has expanded his business enterprises, which has included pioneering an online shopping platform where people can sell items through life streaming videos. This platform, called droppTV, provides content creators with direct access to their clients. This innovation reflects his expectation that augmented reality will become more and more important in the business world in the future. Refer to this article for more information.


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