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Joseph Ashford Ellis is a British businessman based in London. He is a social entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is known for giving back to society by building foundations. The foundations solve a specific need in the society. Joseph is the founder of K4 Global.

Early History

Joseph Ashford Ellis had a difficult childhood. He lost his close family members in a short span of time. These life changes shaped him into having a strong character. It also helped him become a philanthropist. Joseph Ashford pursued his education at Bournemouth University.

Joseph worked as a marketer and business developer early on in his career. Ashford started his career at junior level and grew it to working at executive positions. He was able to gather lots of experience in the companies he worked in.

K4 Company Global

Joseph started K4 Global with the aim of building a modern version of an investment firm. His firm provides consulting services. The firm has been in operation for more than six years. Its main work involves identifying opportunities for investment. Joseph Ashford works at improving profit margins. He works hard at hiring talented staff to work for his company.

His business values client relationships and building great partnerships. K4 Global also provides commercial property services. It has bought properties and increased their value by renovating its structures. The company has bought a recent residential property in Bournemouth. It is expected to have a 125% increase in value.

Company Culture

Joseph Ashford Ellis believes in building a strong company culture that sets an example. Joseph uses a transformative style of leadership to lead and guide his steam. He has built his company based on set standards that he sets for his team. Ashford keeps in mind this while looking for employees to hire. His style of leadership allows him to clearly understand his team’s aspirations and goals. His communication skills have allowed him to clearly present his ideas to his staff. Refer to this page for additional information.