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Haroldo Jacobovicz, a Curitiba based business leader has an amazing reputation. The executive got the idea of starting his influential business when he was still studying for his degree in one of the top universities in Brazil. Unlike other civic engineering students in his class, the leader wanted to try out his lack in business. This business was named Microsystem. The business leader had the help of three friends when setting up the first business in the information technology industry. Unlike Haroldo, the three friends had some expertise in information technology, and they thought they were going to perform better in their business. Few months after setting up the business, Haroldo Jacobovicz and his friends were sinking. The small businesses did not get profits fast because most of the customers were not interested in the services offered. Haroldo Jacobovicz felt horrible after the failure of the business, but he picked his lessons and got ready to graduate and fight another day.

Haroldo Jacobovicz did a lot after his first business failed. The entrepreneur finally started his successful business years later, focusing on the public agencies in Brazil. This time, the business did very well because more people were in need of the services offered by the executive. The Curitiba leader has tried to work hard and provide the latest equipment in his business for the sake of his clients and more

To become a successful executive in the competitive Brazilian market, Haroldo Jacobovicz has learnt how to create effective daily habits in his career life. The leader is always present when something important is taking place in his establishments. The leader wakes up very early in the morning. The first activity of the day is always about working out so that the leader can connect with his healthy body. Haroldo eats healthy meals in the morning to ensure productivity.

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