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Yves Mirabaud is the head managing partner of the Mirabaud SCA; a limited partnership company founded two centuries ago under Swiss law. The managing partners are committed to running and managing all the activities in the company. The company also has equity partners with different roles in the firm’s development.

Yves Mirabaud graduated from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva with a bachelor’s degree in finance. He worked for several bank institutions in USA and Switzerland; from 1996, he served as the managing partner of Mirabaud before becoming senior in 2012.

The Mirabaud company has values that govern its operation, making it one of the respected and good reputation. The managing partners work hard to ensure that their client’s assets are well managed for the company’s continuity. The company values its client’s interest more than the revenue.

During an interview, Yves Mirabaud talked about the company’s current change. In the year 2020, the revenue sharply dropped compared to the years 2018 and 2019. This was due to the Corona Virus pandemic that left many companies struggling and the U.S. dollar weakening

The company’s spending is cautious because the covid-19 led to event sponsors, entertainment, and travel savings. The company gained seven private bankers to help it in its active markets. They further opened a branch in Paris, Zurich, and have support staff in banking advisory in private banking through acquisitions and mergers.

In corporate finance hiring, the company is still young, and they don’t have a plan of adding more people; rather, they are concentrating on real estate private equity funds. Yves Mirabaud said they are committed to strengthening their local offices in various parts of Europe, the Middle East, Switzerland, and Latin America by hiring private bankers. The company is assessing the new banking system’s core with the new advanced technology. Refer to this article for additional information.


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