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Edgard Corona, founding partner and CEO of Smart Fit, is a Brazilian entrepreneur and a smartwatch designer. He is also the founder of a startup incubator in São Paolo called “Startup Garage” and the curator of the international design competition called “Crowd-sourcing Design.”

1. Interesting Facts

Edgard Corona is a self-taught watch designer and has no formal training in this profession. He has also been involved in different startups, such as “Sofa.” He created Bio Ritmo in 2012, a music and fitness tracker that combines all the latest health-tracking technology, such as Bluetooth and a pedometer. Bio Ritmo can be connected to any device without a smartphone.

2. Career Details

His career began as a mechanical engineer. He quickly moved to the Internet sector, where he started to work in the design of websites for clients like hotels and restaurants. Later, Edgard Corona began to work in the design of smartwatches, which is what he is currently doing.

3. Smart Fit

Edgard Corona’s first smartwatch was named “Smart Fit.” The watch has been available since mid-2014. It features a stainless-steel strap with a flexible band and silicone watch face and two buttons on the right side that can be used to navigate functions or start the stopwatch function on the watch when pressed together for a short time (3 seconds).

It also has an accelerometer and pedometer that can measure distance traveled and calories burned per day and call reminders when it reaches specified milestones, such as when the user completes a certain number of steps. The watch can also be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and the Smartphone app will display notifications from the smartwatch to the phone. A user manual can also be downloaded on the Smart Fit website.

Fitness trackers are becoming more and more popular as they help people track their fitness goals and motivate them to be active. Corona’s Smart Fit is one of the more successful and well-known fitness trackers. Go Here for related Information.