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Gary McGaghey has over 20 years of international finance experience. He recently served as the Group Chief Financial Officer at Williams Lea Tag. Before joining Williams-Lea Tag, Gary was the Group Chief Financial Officer of a private equity firm. He was part of the management team that led the company’s restructuring and cost-cutting initiatives.

He also worked at companies such as Robertsons and Nelsons. After working at both Robertsons and Nelsons, Gary joined Unilever as the Group CFO of the company’s Robertson subsidiary. During his time with Robertsons, he held various positions within the company, such as the Chief Operating Officer and the Finance Director.

After the company acquired Robertsons, Gary McGaghey became the group finance and chief operating officer of the newly formed Unilever South Africa. He also became the company’s interim chief executive officer. Before this, he had also held various positions within the company.

He then became the CFO of Nelsons, a subsidiary of Williams-Lea Tag, from May 2017 to June 2019. Before starting his career in finance, Gary studied at the University of Natal and the University of South Africa. Aside from being a certified financial professional, Gary also holds various other professional certifications.

Since joining the company, Gary McGaghey has been instrumental in the company’s growth. He has been responsible for overseeing various mergers and acquisitions and the company’s balance sheet restructuring and divestments. In 2022, he will be leading the efforts to maintain transparency and manage reporting insights.

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As the number of cyber attacks on organizations increases, CFOs like Gary will have to remain vigilant in addressing these concerns. Having the proper security measures can help prevent data breaches and keep customers safe. To effectively serve their customers, CFOs will need to thoroughly understand their needs and make necessary changes to meet them in 2022. This will strengthen the company’s trust strategy.