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Pearl of the Antilles

Alex Pissios is a native of Chicago and the son of Greek immigrants. Before starting his career, Alex earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature. He attended Northern Illinois University. While attending the university, Alex spent a lot of his time mentoring and counseling an autistic young man. After helping the young man, Alex decided to begin a career as a special education teacher. However, he decided to pursue a career in real estate. Beginning in 2003, Alex Pissios began development projects in Chicago. Most of his development projects were completed in neighborhoods near the United Center sports arena. 

During the great recession of 2008, Alex Pissios came close to going out of business as a real estate developer. However, he decided to devote his efforts towards improving the quality of life in impoverished neighborhoods. He therefore, made it his main goal to contribute to the welfare of Chicago’s residents. 

Today Alex Pissios continues to give back to the Chicago community. He started up the CineCares Foundation which offers programs to help Chicago residents receive job training for the film and television industry. His apprenticeship program focuses on training young adults to work in film and television productions in Chicago. Pissios has also founded the Independent Film Alliance which provides resources to help individuals complete film and television productions. His contributions have enabled many aspiring filmmakers and producers to start productions and complete them with ease. Pissios founded these two non profit organizations to honor his uncle who was involved in the film and media industries.