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Hauser Private Equity has completed 30 transactions, investing approximately $350 million in companies with enterprise values between $30 million and $1 billion. Through its offices in Cincinnati, OH and Los Angeles, CA, Hauser Private Equity manages funds and its LLC subsidiaries hold limited partnership interests in approximately 35 separate portfolio companies and have created more than 2,000 jobs for Ohioans.

The Value of Operational Expertise

While the operating structure may be different, it all boils down to operational expertise. With the understanding that focusing on corporate culture plays a large role in successful investing, value investors can’t overlook operational prowess when researching portfolio companies. As Mark Hauser points out, “Having experienced a variety of situations in both public and private market investing, I have experienced how important it is to have an experienced operational background. These positions include key finance positions and key operating roles such as human resources, manufacturing, purchasing, etc.” With this experience, Hauser Private Equity can determine whether a business has the talent and organizational alignment to grow to its full potential.

The Importance of Operational Execution

Mark Hauser: Leveraging a single entrepreneurial experience from the start of a company to exit may seem overly-ambitious and likely undesirable for most companies. However, some companies have the potential to reach those potential outcomes. Moreover, companies with strong management teams and a successful track record can be successful on their own even without a CEO at the helm.

Why Does Hauser Private Equity Focus on Operating Expertise?

The quality and long-term track records of many Private Equity managers in the U.S. and globally can be found in the online directories of such entities as Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company (NYSE:PAAMCO), Permal, Federated Investors, and Baring Private Equity Asia. “Because without the operating expertise, there is no growth, no value creation, and certainly no interest in a private equity firm taking its product to market,” says Mark Hauser, the Founder of Hauser Private Equity. “As the limited partner, I don’t want to be handing over half of the profits to someone who wants to trade my product. And my Private Equity Partners don’t want to be handing over half of their upside to someone else.”

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