Land For Haiti

Pearl of the Antilles

Trevor has always gone his own way & never looked back but is that how he has been able to rise to the top of his field in such a short period of time? Well, he does not think it is really his place to say one way or the other. He came of age in a small town not too far from queens & did his best to get all a’s when he was a senior in his high school class. As he turned his back on his HS career, he knew he was ready to be a college man but had a tough time choosing from all of the ivy league schools he got into.

Though he was tempted to be a yale man, he went with baruch college at the end of the day. When he got there, he was told he would have to select a major if he wished to graduate & so he opted to be a businessman. He ended up dong so well that he finished in just 3 years & then continued on to grad school. He spent a few more years there before he was ready to step out into the real world. It was there that he went on to serve on one of the boards of directors at a little-known company known as mattel. He had a long career but soon knew it was time to retire. So he moved to FL where he now lives with his family.

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