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ZeroAvia aviation company got selected as the finalist of the Transportation Category of the Fast Company’s 2021 in the world-changing ideas awards. In May 2021, the winners were announced in the Fast Company’s 2021 World-Changing Ideas Awards awards. They honor businesses such as ZeroAvia according to their projects, policies, and concepts to which they actively commit to getting innovation. Once they achieve this, they solve the climate crisis, health problems, and economic inequality or social justice.




ZeroAvia offered the leading solution in decarbonizing the aviation industry, which was achieved through using hydrogen-fueled powertrain technology. It was replaced by the conventional engines in their commercial aircraft, which produced much carbon. The adoption of the technology results in zero-emission flight and has lowered the fuel cost and the maintenance cost in a big niche. ZeroAvia completed its first electric flight in America in 2019, which prompted them to build a second flying prototype in the United Kingdom. The prototype flight in the form of electric in the UK flew in June 2020, and in September 2020, they achieved the first hydrogen-electric flight on grading the commercial flight.


The awards this year will be the fifth year since the competition started, and it has showcased 33 winners and will have more than 400 finalists. More than 800 honorable mentions of AI and data and health and wellness appear among categories looked at in the competition. ZeroAvia is among the competitors. The panelists consisting of eminent Fast company reporters and editors selected the finalists and winners. They had 2 4000 entries to choose from in education, transportation, politics, food, and technology. Other new categories, including urban design, pandemic response, and architecture, and the awards in 2021 had entries from all around the globe, from Denmark to Brazil and Vietnam. ZeroAvia got honored to reach finalists to reinforce the importance of ensuring the flight industry gets sustainable.