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LifeWave has been in existence since 2004 when it was started to promote awareness and healthy living globally.

The company became renowned globally for its cutting products that were non-invasive and non-addictive.

LifeWave’s products are focused on promoting natural remedies to health problems by leveraging body energy and natural light as the primary means of promoting healing.

The effectiveness of the products among the X39 wearable patches has seen the company grow tremendously.

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It operates in more than 90 countries globally and has established a massive distribution network for its products.

The company’s focus on tapping on natural body resilience, thus ensuring that the products are non-addictive compared to opioid-based treatment, has made many customers prefer to use LifeWave’s products, creating customer loyalty.

With a dedicated team of researchers, the company has been recognized severally and won several awards, including recognition by Inc. as the fastest-growing company in Asia.

The testimonials from thousands of satisfied customers portray a company that is leaving up to its mission.

Based on some of the testimonials, it is clear that the products work and are effective.

Customers indicate that they use the products for pain management, sleep improvement, anxiety and stress management, and enhancing mental functioning.

For instance, one customer review narrated how the wearable patches helped them manage pain while undergoing chemotherapy.

Another one described how they started losing wrinkles after using patches for less than three months.

Most of its customers praise the company for its effort to produce such high-quality and effective products.

Besides providing life-improving products, LifeWave is famed for its MLM model of distributing its products.

The company employs individuals to market and distribute its products based on the MLM, thus earning a living.

In addition, the program has seen the company help many people cope during the pandemic.

As a result, most of those working with the company say they have found a work-life balance they always hoped for.