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An app for communication in the classroom known as ClassDojo has become very popular among people across the globe. Teacher Cindy handles pupils in the first grade, and through the app, she can do several things with the students and parents. She can get a message from the parents in the morning if one of her pupils won’t make it to school from the app. Through the app, pupils are also awarded marks kept into records depending on the behavior they put up in school. From the app, it is also possible to access news concerning the school and showcase inspirational videos for the children to watch.

Teachers think highly of this app, and most schools in the US have adopted this app into their curriculum. ClassDojo is now accessible in 35 different languages to accommodate several people across the globe. Cindy Price testifies that many teachers from the school she is at do use the app and are finding it unique, including the parents. The company behind the invention of the ClassDojo app is thinking of improving the services offered through the app. It plans on making additional hours for learning outside the usual learning duration stipulated by the school curriculum. This means that pupils can get to know each other even when they are at home. As much as this additional feature will require subscription charges, it will be cheaper and convenient for parents who can’t enroll their children in private schools.

The idea of making learning possible even while at home will possibly turn out to be a significant breakthrough for the company in terms of financial gain. The stakeholders of ClassDojo, have been thinking of new opportunities that ClassDojo might bring for them, especially since the classroom is still considered essential for learning. Therefore, they have taken their time to interact with teachers to identify educational needs that they can fully satisfy.

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