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Pam has spent a lifetime creating opportunities for underprivileged groups and pioneering new models of care to make healthcare more affordable and accessible. For 25 years, she ran Baer Healthcare in Berkeley and San Francisco, and her nonprofit has donated nearly $10 million worth of life-saving medical equipment to over 600 Bay Area hospitals and clinics. Prior to Baer Healthcare, she was a senior executive at Kaiser Permanente. She says that her biggest professional challenge was preparing to retire.

The daughter of a famous New York banker and a prominent New York socialite, Baer grew up immersed in the world of business. Although she grew up in a Jewish family, her mother is a Protestant. As she was fascinated by business, Pam Baer developed an interest in finance. When she was very young, Baer was the youngest person to graduate from the prestigious University of California, Berkeley.

She began her career as an investment banker, where she landed jobs at one of the top banks in the U.S., along with Merrill Lynch. She worked with billionaire investor Warren Buffett as well. She was then promoted to head up major investments at an international management firm called The Vanguard Group. The company later went out of business, but Baer went on to be a founder of Project Include.

Besides her dedication to the mission of her organization, Pamela Baer is also a tireless fundraiser. Pam is a co-founder of the Bay Area chapter of 100 Women, a nonprofit organization founded in 2009 to support women entrepreneurs in healthcare. It helps women business owners build their businesses and ultimately benefit their communities. On top of that, Pam is a lead investor in, an online community and resource center for women in healthcare.

The history traces back to her childhood in Boston, Massachusetts, when she lived with her parents and two sisters in a two-bedroom apartment. Her parents owned two businesses in the Boston area, including a restaurant in Cambridge. Visit this page for additional information.


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