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After a 50 year drought since their last NBA championship, the Milwaukee Bucks have won a championship. The franchise changed ownership in 2014 with a collection of new primary stakeholders acquiring the company. The current core owners of the Milwaukee Bucks are Marc Lasry, Wes Edens, and James Dinan. This group took over ownership of the team from former owner, Herb Kohl. Herb Kohl is also a former United States Senator. It has been written that under his leadership that the Bucks were able to turn around the franchise, and he built the winning culture that is present today.

Wes Edens is also the owner and CEO of Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group is a public company that has allowed Edens to accumulate a net worth of over a billion dollars. Obviously, with this huge amount of wealth, Edens was well positioned to invest in a major ownership stake of the Milwaukee Bucks franchise, which has now won its first NBA championship in 50 years. This championship was achieved after 3 years as one of the top teams who simply couldn’t get to the NBA Finals because of injuries, and epic sports moments like Kawhi Leonard’s buzzer beater that ended the Bucks pursuit of a championship.

There is so much that can be said about Wes Edens and his role at Fortress Investment Group, but for now most are interested in the ownership of the Bucks. The story of how this team was constructed, the hardships they endured to final get a championship is what sports are truly made of. These are the moments that sport fans love, recall, and which cements a team and players legacy. Hopefully, this is on the beginning of the Bucks championship run and they will be able to bring home many more championships in years to come.

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