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People are braced for life differently since some are business-minded while others are concerned about giving back to the community. These altruists naturally dedicate all their efforts and resources to the benefit of other people. Altruism is more vibrant and poised to offer different options especially with the limitless opportunities rendered by technology.

Kfir Gavrieli is among the individuals who showcase the will to do things for the overall benefit of others. He is the CEO and creator of Tieks, a leading online fashion brand that specializes in ballet flats for women that have gained momentum in the market for their quality, portability, and comfort.

Tieks was among the first companies to gain global status with unscrupulous outlets. This fashion brand has also been dealing with foldable flats with an Italian origin since 2010, thus it ranks number one amongst the online fashion brands.

Kfir was also a special entrepreneur who was more into creating formidable brands and products. He views Tieks as a chance to establish a charity movement, thus the formation of the Gavrieli Foundation as well as how it associates with KIVA. Tieks operates through the foundation to run women empowerment drives in communities.

KIVA has also rendered microloans to entrepreneurs curtailed by high poverty levels. The foundation also works through KIVA, thus becoming the largest lender in history.

Kfir Gavrieli was a distinctive entrepreneur because his motivated talent was backed up by sufficient education from Stanford University. After acquiring the three degrees, he established Tieks based on the experience he garnered in real estate, technology sectors, venture capital, hedge trust among others.

The exposure has guided the brand to outrageous success since its establishment. Companies like Forbes, Inc Magazine, and The Oprah Winfrey Show have shortlisted Kfir Gavrieli in their lists of the best-performing business personalities. Visit this page to learn more about Tieks.


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