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Financial markets experience a stark lack of education that worries expert economists. The financial industry often uses the term education to describe learning and training. However, “education” is not equal. The Online Trading Academy asked Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris to shed more light on this subject.

The former chief economist of the SEC insists that financial education is an essential life skill. Such education proves decisive for people looking to explore the public financial markets. “We are working with American University to extend financial education to more industry players. OTA offers comprehensive trading and investing education that goes beyond the basics provided in finance majors,” said Dr. Jeffrey.

OTA’s educational materials rely on sound economic theories to offer financial students the perfect preparation for the market. While reviewing OTA’s courses, Dr. Harris asserted that the courses match university-level investment courses. “OTA’s curriculum provides lifelong opportunities for students looking to make a mark in the financial markets. Students can build their confidence in investing and trading,” he said.

Financial education needs to combine theoretical, informational, and experiential aspects to build skills and proficiency. Students can exploit the guided practice to appreciate the complexities of actual trading. OTA also employs progressive techniques and technology that can help students build confidence. The learning environment and comprehensive community provide an efficient education, analysis, and trading platform.

OTA’s CliK platform left a lasting impression on the seasoned economist. “This impressive financial technology takes learning and risk management a notch higher. The user-centric trading platform lets traders create customized trade plans while maintaining disciplined risk management,” said Dr. Harris.

He added that the online trading platform helps students embrace technology to develop a disciplined approach to trading and investing. Students can exploit the simplified scoring trade opportunities and focus more on the economics behind potential trading deals. Retail traders and investors require such astute education to deliver efficient results.

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