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Solar energy is among the most significant discoveries made in the twenty-first century. In the current world, many people are facing lots of problems due to power failures. This is because there has been an emergency of many electrical devices; however, their electrical supply has remained limited. This problem has made it easier for scientists to explore solar energy further because it is inexhaustible and renewable (Nola). 


The high demand for solar energy has led to the emergency of solar companies such as PosiGen. PosiGen is a solar company that is rooted in connecting society with solar power. The main focus of PosiGen is to make solar power affordable and easily accessible, especially for low to moderate-income individuals and individuals of color. The company has made this possible through its solar leasing program. The program has connected many families in the target communities making the homes save money to pay other utility bills. There are core values that have shaped PosiGen’s mission and vision. Some of these ideas have helped the company expand its services to many people. 


First, the company has prioritized the customer’s well-being. PosiGen dedicates its capabilities to make sure customers have cut costs from the large bills they pay on electric energy. Once a customer from PosiGen confessed to saving money after trying out solar energy, PosiGen became motivated to help other clients. Interestingly, PosiGen does not charge installation, maintenance, and monitoring fees. 

There are more than 14000 customers that have subscribed to the services offered by PosiGen Company. Apart from the supply of energy, the company has provided employment opportunities to people from low to moderate-income communities and people of color. Over 65% of the employees in the company are people of color. The PosiGen company strives to connect people to solar energy to foster a clean environment among clients because solar power does not cause environmental pollution. Its mission has brought happiness to many families across America. As a middle class person you don’t have to struggle to get energy as they believe it is a necessity and not a luxury. As a company they strive to help as many people as they can.