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Pearl of the Antilles

Asot Anthony Michael is an established and experienced politician born in a family that has been into politics for decades now. Asot was born in 1969 to a politician Patrick Michael. Asot Michael was raised in Guadeloupe, French West Indies. Asot Michael was not lucky to spend some time with one person he so wished he had a chance of meeting, his grandfather. Asot Michael got named after him, and he died a year before Asot birth due to a heart attack after his property got burnt during an anti-government riot that engulfed Antigua and Barbuda in 1968.


During his youth and early days, Asot recalls vividly how his father Patrick Michael was so passionate about political parties, and he is among the founders and pillars of the long-standing Antigua & Barbuda labor party, ABLP. The Antigua & Barbuda Labor Party that his father represented got formed during one of the most trying moments in Antigua & Barbuda around 1970 where political intolerance was at its peak. Asot Michael remembers how his fathers used to go over and beyond and sacrifice his resources and business to realize his vision for the Antigua and Barbuda labor party. 


He struggled so much to see the party survive, and he lived to see it happen. Patrick Michael succeeded in the quest for leadership by his sons, namely Mitchel, Asot, and Maurice, who had been actively involved in the country’s socio-economic and political life for decades (LinkedIn). 


Antigua & Barbuda will have some kind words when the history of this country gets written regarding the contribution the Asot family has in the transformation.  They have served vehemently in the Antigua & Barbuda government, and their services have been entirely meaningful. The family has also been acting in various acts and missions of philanthropy that aim to elevate the social-economic status of their citizenry. Asot Michael attended St Joseph and St John Academy for his secondary school, and he graduated with a high school., diploma in 1986. He was awarded a Cambridge – Level GCE certificate and passed all six subjects exemplarily. He proceeded to Barry University and graduated with a double major in finance and economics. He later enrolled for an MBA at the University of Miami.