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NexPoint Advisors is an investment group under the leadership of James Dondero. The group deals with an array of investments which include real estate. The group has sponsors, a set of investment advisers, a broker-dealer, and an additional vehicle fuel with investment-related suites. James Dondero doubles up as portfolio manager for NexPoint’s Strategic Opportunities and the closed-end fund.

With the experience of over 30years in investments across alternative landscapes, he established several integrated businesses that would help in managing the investment on credit, private equity, and also real estate that assisted in building an investment network globally. Highland Capital is a credit-focused investment that was also founded by Dondero that served in the foundation of NexPoint.

With his leadership, the company grew and even evolved and surpassed the original focus in credit, while growing into additional markets and product offerings. The evolution of Highland Capital created a pathway for new businesses that created diversified platforms that are in existence currently. All through his career, he has championed the expansion of alternative investments.

James Dondero is a holder of several positions on diverse companies that are within financial services. Among the companies, he sits on the management board are real estate and health care, this also includes other industries.

Apart from being a founder, a chairman, and other titles he is a strong believer in giving back and helping people in need. Thus, he is a philanthropist and diligently gives to veteran affairs, initiatives supporting education, economic developments, and also the community. James Dondero is actively instrumental in cultural and civic institutions support in the Dallas-Fort Worth area

He is a graduate of the University of Virginia with dual majors in accounting and finance and also honors in commerce. He has certified public Accountant along with a managerial accountant where he also earned the right to use CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst). Visit this page on LinkedIn profile, to learn more.


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