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The success of any investment is determined by how well it fills the existing gap. Entrepreneur Richardson is a talented problem solver. After realizing retail traders and investors lost their money due to lack of adequate financial education, he invested his time, resources, effort, and integrity into providing valuable financial education hence the birth of the Online Trading Academy over twenty years ago. Quality financial education being its focus, the center has impacted the lives of over eighty thousand scholars who are making a difference in the financial markets. Over the years, it has consistently sought first-class lectures to help guide students on the best strategies to use in the road to achieving their financial goals: Short-term and long-term.

Usually, a happy customer will always refer his or her circle, and this is how the institution’s client base expanded, resulting in the establishment of Forty and above centers. OTA prides itself in helping many individuals acquire skills, evolve proficiency, and gain confidence to trade and invest in financial markets like Wall Street experts. After students have been equipped with theoretical knowledge through classrooms, next-generation education, analysis, and online resources, they go-ahead to do actual trading at the OTA’s trading platform, CliK.

To provide insights to potential investors, Online Trading Academy set up The OTA Research Center to collect and collate data, after which it gives its opinion by commenting on the website. From the many research studies, OTA has found out that anyone with extensive knowledge of the financial markets receives higher returns, discrediting the highly quoted research of 2013 by Terrence and Brad that highlighted that investors and retail traders tend to lose money over and over again. Peter Swan’s 2016 research has also backed OTA’s findings. It concluded that, provided one has good education, he or she would be able to use tools and strategies employed by Wall Street professionals, thus earning profits on financial markets’ investments.

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