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Forex trading is a lucrative market with an insane amount of potential profits.

Unfortunately, it can also be very hard to get started.

That’s where the trade contract comes in! You can learn forex at our academy for free while we are funding your trades.

Once you have learned enough about forex trading to take over your account, we will release the funds back to you to pursue your dreams of success in this industry.

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Other benefits include getting access to professional mentors who know everything about making money on the internet.

CashFX Trading Academy is a great place to start learning how to trade forex. Our free resources and professional mentorship will help you get on the right track to success in this industry.

CashFX Academy trading with CashFX real Forex success.

CashFX contracted with brokers who are regulated under professional boards.

This ensures that you will always be trading with a reputable and reliable company.

These boards include London’s FCA Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), FSA Financial Services Authority of Seychelles, and ASIC- Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

CashFX operates under strict compliance standards does not accept any kind of bribery or corruption in our company- this includes even small cash payments like buying lunches for employees.

Our trade contract forbids the use of insider information as well.

All orders are routed through a bank-independent matching engine that can handle over 200 transactions per second and does not bottleneck at busy times (like forex holidays).

Our trading software also supports high-frequency trading bots so that they can integrate with the platform.

This includes Forex Expert Advisors (EA), automated trading systems, and more.

CashFX Forex Trading mobile app is a Forex EA compatible application for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.

It’s designed to be quick and efficient- no slow loading or complex navigation here!

We also support additional cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex, Kraken, and Cryptsy.

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