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Based on his early experience in the insurance industry and his ability to excel in this market, Krishen Iyer found his niche as an entrepreneur. Krishen Iyer began his entrepreneurial journey with the start of MNP insurance. He later found an insurance agency and marketing firm known as Managed Benefits Services. Under the leadership of Krishen Iyer, the company’s main objective was to deliver attractive income-generating opportunities to its clients. MBS works to create leads for its clients in any niche to secure new customers within the insurance industry.


MAIS Consulting


Krishen Iyer later sold his company Managed Benefit Services in 2020. This, after  achieving national success as a leader in contracting. Krishen Iyer had focused on health insurance clients and finally saw the need to diversify and reach more clients. Krishen Iyer founded MAIS consulting with the same framework and strategies he used on Managed Benefit Services. 


MAIS consulting was created after realizing a market need for contracting services. The company also provides information on company policies as well as marketing services. They seek to offer advice on information related to business and ownership (Econotimes). 


It assists companies in realizing ways that they can become more profitable through its wide experience. Krishen Iyer built his model on ensuring that each client is served efficiently. This entails that clients are selectively chosen. Krishen Iyer´s vision is to strive for mutual benefit for both the company and the client. This means that a client will be chosen based on what MAIS consulting can offer towards their client’s business growth.

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