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The Startup Magazine Entrepreneur and Luke Lazarus Consultant (Home – Luke Lazarus) provides startups with marketing consultancy through resource inspiration and education.

Luke Lazarus Consulting is an Australian company based in Melbourne and provides consultancy to business owners and management teams from business initiation to growth stage.

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The chief executive officer is an alumnus of Melbourne Business School with a Master’s in Business Administration. He has over fourteen years of experience in product management and growth, having himself established four business ventures and sold them.

He possesses skills in advertising, accounting, brand awareness, brand development, brand initiatives, lead generation, leadership development, marketing, operations, and sales.

Consultancy Services

The services to startups include:

Marketing: New businesspeople may find it hard to penetrate new markets.

Lazarus advises building brands relevant to the market, sales operations, and marketing channels.

He has assisted with strategies to stay ahead of your competitors.

His input is critical for the success of your business venture.

General business: Lazarus has a vast wealth of experience in business formation and management.

He has helped startups get financing to increase profits or expand the business with his sound advice.

Guiding principles

Business mission and vision: The mission tells why a business exists and is the core of any business venture.

The mission statement should be clear from the business initiation and prevent you from losing the vision when partnering with someone else in the business.

The business vision and mission should be clear before the first dollar investment.

Generally, mission and vision are the roadmaps of the venture. A well though vision saves time, resources, and costs of running the business.

Business structure: Lazarus proposes an effective organizational structure in all aspects of life.

Successful entrepreneurs have a balanced work life.

The prospect of Lazarus consulting is in the experience economy, which is a new trend in startup capital generation.

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