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David is LifeWave’s CEO and founder. David Schmidt boasts of exposure stretching for more than three decades and also enjoys formal education from Pace University.

David Schmidt confirms that his childhood was nerdy and he built things and took them apart to learn their functionalities.

After graduating, David pursued some entrepreneurial explorations and owned some companies engaged in product creation and manufacturing.

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AAG was among these companies that functioned as an R&D facility that dealt in energy production used by businesses and the military.

Over this period, Schmidt came up with new techniques for oxygen and hydrogen synthesis, modeled and designed power generators as well as rocket engines.

David Schmidt had several innovations that awarded him a doctorate presented by Alexander Marinaccio.

Based on his work in designing instant oxygen systems, Schmidt participated in a program initiated by the Navy.

LifeWave came about after some years of great research by Schmidt.

He delved more into stamina and energy increment via fat burning elevation, using wireless human body communication through phototherapy.

The technology has been publicized and for the last 15 years, David has actualized this opportunity.

David Schmidt holds over 94 copyrights whereby more are being documented.

Many of these patents specialize in technology and reformative science.

The Double Helix Conductor was David’s greatest invention that combines both electro and non-electromagnetic fields.

This invention hastens wound healing, a technology that challenges stem-cell.

Therefore, Schmidt determined that phototherapy activates stem cells to make them youthful without needing injection or the dangerous and expensive stem cells.

Since his breakout into this field, David has managed many global operations and has also speeded up enlargement into more than 100 nations and offices in Taiwan, Japan, Ireland, and America.

LifeWave has distribution centers and storage units across the globe.

LifeWave has been enlisted by Inc. Magazine among the rapidly growing companies.

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