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Greg Blatt has gathered a tremendous amount of experience throughout his stellar career, along with an exciting take on life. Overcoming hardship and witnessing a life-altering moment in his life, Blatt said, “I was just really thirsty for success and I wanted to make it work.” Blatt, an American entrepreneur and executive, entered the industry as a career lawyer. As a young entrepreneur, Blatt found himself unhappy with his job as an attorney due to corporate politics.

When he tried to find jobs in technology, it turned out that the industry was not as interesting as he thought. He thus decided to embark on a career in corporate law. However, that did not turn out to be a fruitful decision, as he quickly realized that it was quite stressful and boring. For any teen with the passion to create a future for himself, it does not come easy to come up with all the financial support required to fulfill that dream. Greg Blatt is no exception, he was fortunate enough to grow up in a good family that supported him from his childhood.

Greg Blatt’s success story is one that epitomizes the endless possibilities and opportunities in this age of innovation. The man has successfully carved a niche in the industry and remains active in his current endeavor.

Throughout his successful career, Blatt was instrumental in disrupting a then established industry and creating a template for the industry. In an exclusive conversation, Greg Blatt shared his career journey and revealed the role he played in cultivating the image of Tinder, Match Group and IAC in the technology industry.

Starting off as a corporate lawyer, Blatt eventually took the career path that he initially strived for. This shift in career choices also served as an opportunity for Blatt to showcase his talents in order to earn himself promotions.

For instance, in 1986, he joined IAC, a startup which was looking to revamp the methods by which people met potential partners. This shift in strategy was to prove fruitful as the organization was able to make the pivot from the underground to the mainstream.Refer to this article for additional information.


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