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Pearl of the Antilles is an e-commerce platform in China and the entire East Asian region. The company, previously known as Jindong and 360buy Ltd, was incorporated in 2004 by its founder and the current board of director’s chairman Richard Liu. Richard Liu Qiangdong is also the company Chief Executive Officer of the e-commerce platform.

Richard Liu got raised in a village located in Suqian city situated in the expansive Jiangsu province. Unlike the perception and the current status that Richard Liu holds currently, Richard was born and raised in an average family that qualifies to get considered poor by then standards. His Chang’an village, like most of the towns during that time in China, lacked essential commodities such as clean piped water to drink and lack of electricity supply. It’s also important to note that Richard’s family, especially his parents, were not born in abject poverty but instead, they got raised in a wealthy family. His family has been doing business since the 1900s as a water transport merchant. Richards family used to assist traders in transporting goods and people across the famous Yangtze River. By the time young Liu Qiangdong was born, the fortunes had changed, and the family had lost all their wealth and riches.

They had now turned to peasant rice farming in the Chang’an village to make the ends meets. Unlike other children their parents raised, Richard was quite different as his maternal grandmother raised him while his parents worked full time in the rice fields. Most of the skills and virtual that Richard holds were taught to him by his grandmother.

Liu Qiangdong was introduced to the concept of hard work by his grandmother as he used to assist her in conducting home chores such as cooking and cleaning. Richard was also introduced to business negotiations by his grandmother as he sued to accompany her to the market regularly. Refer to this page for more information.


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