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Michael Capiraso has recently been brought on as an advisor for JoggingBuddy. Prior to this position, Capiraso has held a number of prestigious positions in the sports industry. Capiraso can bring his experience, fron the NFL, Major League Baseball (MLB), and most relevantly, the New York Road Runners (NYRR) to advise JoggingBuddy as the platform grows. Users of the JoggingBuddy platform can expect Capiraso’s extensive marketing and network experience to revitalize the platform, and potentially bring exciting collaborations and developments.

What is JoggingBuddy?

Broadly, JuggingBuddy is a multi-purpose platform for runners of all levels. Their website allows runners to log runs, and compare their performance to users in multiple countries. Users can also find everything from helpful articles about running, to reviews on which shoes most users prefer. The feature that lends to JoggingBuddy’s name is the ability to find a running partner in your area. The process is as simple as typing in your zipcode, and seeing others who have requested a partner in your area. Judging by the miles run, the platform is most popular in the UK and Israel, however the app boasts that over 100 countries are represented, from the United States of America to Thailand.

What JoggingBuddy can Bring to Your Run

Running with a partner can do wonders for your running experience. You and your partner can provide accountability for each other, so you will make it to that run even when you are feeling tired or unmotivated. You can partner up with a more experienced runner if you are looking for guidance while you start your running journey, or get back into the activity after some time off. Even if you have a running partner at home, JoggingBuddy can help you find a partner even when you are travelling, that way you never have to run alone.