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Liu Qiangdong is a Chinese internet sensation who has successfully developed an e-commerce enterprise that is one of the most popular in the world. Richard is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of, which was earlier known as Jingdong Mall. Liu was born in Suqian province in China, one of the impoverished regions of the country. His village, Chang’a, lacked social amenities like electricity and running water when he was growing up.

In the year 1996, Liu graduated from Renmin University with a degree in Sociology. Nonetheless, he had an undying passion for computer programming while in the university, so he dedicated his time to learn about it. Later computer programming was the beginning of pursuing the endless internet possibilities for Liu.

After getting his sociology degree from the People’s University, Robert Liu studied in China Europe International Business School and studied EMBA. Over time, Liu has gathered a track of success and wealth following his physical chain of electronic stores to an eCommerce site. is now among the most successful eCommerce ventures globally, with a staggering $12.7 billion worth as of January 2018.

JD has partnered with global brands like Google and Walmart to reach more people across the globe. It makes Robert Liu prominent, just like Jeff Benzos, the founder of Richard’s journey to create this successful and renowned eCommerce site started in 1998 when he started Jingdong. It was a chain of electric stores that sold magneto-optical products in a storefront in Beijing.

Today JD has grown to be the best company globally that uses AI and high-tech distribution mechanisms. It happens through robots, drones, and autonomous technology. JD owns the most extensive drone infrastructure, capability, and delivery system all over the world. Besides, this company is the leading eCommerce site that engages in building drone delivery airports, operating driverless delivery, and testing robotic delivery services.