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Quentin Flannery acts as the Director in several of their family companies. His primary duty is to oversee the strategy and trading for all their investments, especially on energy. He is also a board member of many startup businesses. Moreover, he is an Australian Institute of Company Directors member. As a philanthropist, Quentin Flannery directs the Flannery Foundation, a charitable organization that donates to nearly 30 Australian charities. Both the Foundation and the charities have one common goal; to make a change.


About Flannery Foundation 

The Foundation seeks to help the most vulnerable groups who have been abused in the past. In addition, the Foundation hopes to provide its partners with the capacity and support for ensuring that their organizations can operate effectively every year (Businessnews).


Foundation Heads

To find the appropriate partners to work with, the foundations exercise due diligence. This move aims at ensuring the Foundation is satisfied that their help and support are maximized in helping the community. Brian Flannery and Peggy Flannery head the Flannery Foundation as the principals. Kirstan Flannery, Quentin Flannery, and Tyson Flannery act as the directors.



Some of the Flannery Foundation partners include Orange Sky Laundry, Act for Kids, Birth for Humankind, The Buttery, and Food bank. Quentin Flannery manages all the financial aspects of their Foundation. These charitable organizations offer different services to the vulnerable community members and ensure they get basic needs and other necessities. The benefits include mother-centered support throughout pregnancy and after, drug treatment and misuse, food, among others.