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As an avid supporter of advanced research in the medical industry, entrepreneur Jason Hope is particularly focused on pushing for preventative treatments that can help reverse the degenerative effects of aging on the human body. Scientists began trying to create treatments for age-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease more than two decades ago by extracting the first embryonic stem cells and growing them in a lab. Jason Hope became increasingly interested in this type of experimental endeavor, but he felt that more work needed to be done on it in order to maximize the benefits that stem cells could bring to this area of medicine.


Jason Hope


Through his philanthropic connections with the SENS organization, which stands for Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence, the investor supports the long-term research that is needed to push stem cell treatments forward, and he has revealed that the organization is in its 2nd stage of clinical trials aimed at the prevention of Parkinson’s Disease. Jason Hope is hopeful that the regeneration of parent stem cells will eventually not only treat, but will prevent, heart-related diseases and strokes from happening altogether in the elderly. He believes that since all people want to live healthier and longer lives, our approach to medicine has to change.

After Jason Hope earned degrees in Finance and Business from ASU, he entered the tech world by starting a mobile communications company. Entrepreneur Jason Hope later moved into the area of investing in start-up ventures and coming up with grant programs for entrepreneurs who run small businesses. He also provides mentoring and advice to business students, and is heavily involved with contributing to his community, which includes the medical community through the SENS organization. Jason Hope insists that it is easier and affordable to set up a business website and sell services and products remotely worldwide. Futurist Jason Hope continues to support advancements in the technology industry and innovative anti-aging interventions through extensive medical research involving human stem cells.